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Lansing Michigan flagWhen you are in need of furnace and air conditioner repair or replacement you can count on for quality services every time, you can turn to the experts at A-1 Mechanical. Our service area in Lansing extends beyond the city to surrounding towns and locations. We are committed to ensuring our community and neighboring towns receive only the best possible furnace and air conditioner repair and replacement services. We have a high standard for both our workmanship and our products. Feel free to contact us today to schedule and inspection or service.

The following are all cities in our serviceĀ area:map with markers

Don’t see your area listed? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to see if we can assist you in your area. We provide a variety of air conditioner and furnace repairs, maintenance, and replacement services, so no matter what project you are facing, we are here to assist you.

Quality Labor

If your heating system has left you in the cold or your cooling system can’t keep up with the heat, contact our heating and cooling technicians. We service both heating and cooling systems along with indoor air quality equipment. We can begin by providing you with an assessment and troubleshoot any problems your system is facing. We are always straightforward and honest with our clients. If your air conditioner or furnace system simply needs repairs, we will let you know. If your system cannot be fixed with repairs, we can help you find the best replacement system.

We help our clients assess their budget, size of their home and their personal comfort preferences before making any heating or cooling decisions. We also provide premium maintenance plans for an affordable cost. By staying ahead of repairs, you can save yourself time, money and the hassle of a malfunctioning system. Talk to us today about maintenance options for you heating and cooling systems.

A-1 Mechanical has an extensive service area in Lansing and surrounding areas because we are passionate about ensuring our community lives in comfort. Don’t let the summer heat take you by surprise or the winter cold leave you chilled, contact our team right away for quality air conditioner and furnace services.

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