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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Lansing, MI

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You’ve probably owned a smartphone for a while. Why not get a smart thermostat installed in your home ? Smart thermostats allow you to pre-set temperature schedules based on the occupancy schedules of your home. Once set, the thermostat automatically adjusts your home’s heating and cooling temperatures to maximize energy savings based on when you’re home or away.

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  • We work on your schedule for all appointments
  • We provide up-front pricing before we begin work
  • We have stock and install other brands such as Ecobee, Sensi, and Honeywell

Smart thermostats will also learn your routines and comfort preferences to take over scheduling and temperature setbacks. These thermostats are rich in user-friendly features and are Wi-Fi accessible when you’re away from home.

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Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

Thermostat technology has come a long way in just the last few years. Smart thermostats can greatly improve your energy savings and comfort control in today’s smart homes. A-1 Mechanical has a full line of smart and Wi-Fi thermostats including Google home thermostats and Alexa thermostats. Our technicians can install a smart thermostat that’ll pair harmoniously with the existing HVAC system in your Lansing, MI home.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

Do you want to make the switch from your outdated thermostat to a modern smart model? Or do you want to replace your existing model with a different one? When it’s time for smart thermostat replacement, consult our team of experts. We can help you choose one that’ll pair perfectly with your current HVAC system.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

Is the smart thermostat in your Lansing, MI home acting not-so-smart? Call us for smart thermostat repair when your Wi-Fi or smart thermostat is being problematic. Don’t compromise the integrity of your thermostat or your HVAC system with an attempt at DIY repairs. Rely on the professionals on our team.

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