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Zone Control Systems in Lansing, MI

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Many homes in Michigan struggle with uneven heating and cooling. Hot and cold spots throughout the home are a common issue. Proper design will provide the desired temperature in areas of your home. If your home is losing the battle of keeping everyone happy and temperatures even throughout your home, zone control systems are the perfect solution.

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Zone control systems can be installed on your existing HVAC system to create independently controlled zones in your home. An example could be first floor as a zone and the second floor as a separate zone. Our team of NATE-certified technicians have the expertise to install a zone control system to provide maximum comfort and benefits.

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Zone Control Installation

Proper zone control design and installation requires expertise that most amateurs do not have. On installation day, our technicians will need to access your home’s ductwork. We’ll install and wire the dampers to the individual thermostats in the zoned rooms. Then we’ll wire the thermostats to the power grid and forced-air systems. We’ll ensure every component is functioning as it should and walk you through how to use the system.

Zone Control Repair

Just like any mechanical system with individual parts, your zone control system in Lansing, MI may develop issues every now and then. Although the need for repairs is rare, when your zone control system needs them, repairs tend to be complicated. You need a contractor who can fix the issue without compromising the integrity of your HVAC system. When your zone control system is on the fritz, rely on us for zone control repair.

Zone Control Maintenance

When your zone control air conditioning and zone control heating aren’t working as they should, it might be time for maintenance. These systems can develop issues when they’re neglected. Call our team of experts for zone control maintenance to restore ideal temperatures to every zone in your Lansing, MI home.

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