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Tshirt Goods's Profile Image
Tshirt Goods, 3+ years ago

We have been very happy with the service we have received with our service contract.

Daniel Seal's Profile Image
Daniel Seal, 3+ years ago

They came out very quickly and were always incredibly nice. I got help from both Nik and Jason and they knew exactly what they were doing. Absolutely no issues from them, only positive results!!

Thomas's Profile Image
Thomas, 3+ years ago

Came right out. Fixed the problem. Could not ask for more. Thank you!!

Edward Heitzman's Profile Image
Edward Heitzman, 3+ years ago

Nik was professional, took time in ensuring our central air was working properly, made sure the unit had the proper amount of freon, and checked the unit as well as the furnace. No complaints, and met my expectations.

Rose Kazen's Profile Image
Rose Kazen, 3+ years ago

I love A-1 Mechanical. I've been a customer for 25 years. Chris, the technician that serviced my A/C was great. Friendly, professional and enthusiastic. Good Work!

Michael Carella's Profile Image
Michael Carella, 3+ years ago
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Carl Scopazzo, 3+ years ago
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Jules Zielke, 3+ years ago
Kris Lindquist's Profile Image
Kris Lindquist, 3+ years ago

Serving Lansing, MI and the Surrounding Areas