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Is It Safe to Leave Your Home’s Air Conditioner On if You’re Not Home?

Air Conditioning

As the weather steadily gets warmer, homes across Michigan will start using their air conditioners again. While air conditioners are a great way to cool down and keep you comfortable during the hotter months, many homeowners remain unsure of what they should do with the AC when they’re away from home, especially for longer periods of time. Is it best to keep it running as normal, have it run at a higher temperature, or shut the system off completely?

In our most recent blog, the technicians at A-1 Mechanical answer these important questions.

Why You Might Want to Turn Your AC Unit Off

If you’ll be away from home for days or even weeks for work or vacation, you’re likely considering turning your AC off. Most commonly, homeowners might turn their air conditioner off in an effort to save money on energy costs.

The team at A-1 Mechanical absolutely understands your desire to save on your energy bills. If nobody will be home to enjoy the comfort provided by your air conditioner, it might at first seem to make sense to turn the system off altogether. However, it’s safer to keep your air conditioner on when you’re not home.

Benefits of Keeping Your AC Unit Turned On

You’re likely aware that your home’s air conditioner does more than just keep your home at a nice, comfortable temperature. It also dehumidifies your home’s air supply. Without a running air conditioner, homes in warmer and more humid climates can experience mold and fungi growth, among other issues caused by high humidity.

Keeping your air conditioner turned on when you’re not home will allow the indoor air supply to be dehumidified, lowering the likelihood of any mold developing while you’re away. For this reason, it’s safer to leave your air conditioner on. However, that’s not to say there aren’t ways to save on your energy bills when you’re not at home for an extended period of time.

How to Save On Your Energy Bill When You’re Not Home

While you shouldn’t choose to turn the cooling system off entirely, adjustments can be made to the system to ensure that you’re still saving on your energy bills. For example, setting the temperature about 7 to 10 degrees higher than normal will cause the air conditioner to run less frequently. You’ll save on energy, while still allowing your AC to stay on and remove excess humidity.

If your home has a programmable or smart thermostat, there’s even more reason to turn the thermostat up before leaving! Depending on your specific model, you can program your thermostat to stay at the higher temperature while you’re gone and have it automatically lower the temperature just prior to returning. This increases energy savings and allows you to return to a home that is instantly cool and comfortable.

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