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How Often Do I Need Heat Pump Maintenance?

Heat Pump

Heat pump maintenance is critical to the performance, energy efficiency and longevity of your Lansing area home’s heat pump system. These popular HVAC systems offer both cooling during the warm months and heating for the cold ones. Because they’re used for more of the year than an air conditioner or furnace, there may be some confusion regarding how often heat pump maintenance should be performed.

Because you rely on the heat pump for year-round indoor comfort, maintenance for your system must be a priority. In this blog, the NATE-certified technicians at A-1 Mechanical explain how frequently tune ups are required and detail the maintenance care your system needs to stay in top shape.

How Frequently Is Heat Pump Maintenance Needed?

As mentioned above, heat pumps pull double duty in Michigan homes, delivering both heating and cooling. Because they run most of the year, they experience more wear and tear. Because of this, heat pump service is recommended two times per year for residential units.

When Should Heat Pump Tune Ups be Performed?

Just like maintenance for air conditioning units and furnaces, heat pump tune ups should typically be performed in the spring and fall – once before warmer weather arrives and again before winter. This timing ensures the tune up is completed before entering periods of heavy use. A tune up will prepare your system to perform efficiently when needed, and issues in need of repair can be resolved before you’re surprised with a heat pump malfunction when you turn it on for the first time each season.

What Does a Heat Pump Tune Up Include?

A professional heat pump maintenance tune up includes many steps that work to enhance energy efficiency, improve performance levels and prevent future repairs. These steps include:

  • Airflow measurement through the system
  • Verification of refrigerant charge
  • Inspection of refrigerant lines
  • Tightening and cleaning of electrical connections
  • Lubrication of motors
  • Inspection and tightening of belts
  • Testing startup, shutdown and other controls
  • Verification of thermostat operation

A-1 Mechanical’s Residential Preventive Maintenance Plans make it easy to stay on top of your heat pump’s maintenance requirements. Join today and you’ll receive two yearly system tune ups plus other valuable services and discounts.

Maintenance Steps for Homeowners

In addition to two yearly tune ups, your home’s heat pump requires additional care from you throughout the year. These tasks are easy to perform as part of your regular home maintenance routine.

  • Change the air filter on a regular basis. Check the recommended replacement frequency given by the filter manufacturer and visually assess the existing filter monthly so you’ll know when a replacement is needed.
  • Keep the outdoor unit free of debris. Remove grass clippings, mulch and other yard waste that accumulates on the unit’s fins. Remove any vegetation growing along the unit, and trim back shrubs to provide at least 24 inches of clearance surrounding the unit.

Call A-1 Mechanical for Heat Pump Maintenance

A-1 Mechanical helps homeowners throughout the Greater Lansing area care for their heating and cooling units. We perform comprehensive heat pump service tune ups that improve system performance and energy efficiency so it is able to deliver more reliable, cost-effective comfort inside the home. Schedule heat pump tune up today!

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