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Why Is My Heat Pump Not Keeping Up?


Contrary to what the name might suggest, heat pumps can be used to both heat and cool a home. When your heat pump isn’t keeping up with your demands when you need it most, however, there can be a number of issues at play. Keep reading to discover what might be keeping your heat pump from reaching your set temperature, and what you should do when that happens.

What Can Keep a Heat Pump From Reaching a Set Temperature?

Unit is Iced Over

Setting your thermostat below 70°F can cause your heat pump system to frost or even completely freeze up. When this happens, your unit won’t run as efficiently and will likely have trouble reaching a set temperature.

Additionally, your system can be prone to more issues if you continue to use it while it’s iced over. The fan blades on your system, for example, can break, or refrigerant may leak within the outdoor unit.

System Isn’t Running

If your system is having trouble just turning on, it likely won’t be able to consistently reach the temperatures you’re setting. This could quickly turn into an emergency, especially during extremely hot or cold weather, so it’s important to call on a professional heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality technician immediately after noticing that your heat pump unit is not turning on.

A professional can diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action, whether it’s heat pump repair or replacement services.

Vents in the Home are Closed

If some rooms feel as though they’re at the temperature you’ve set and other rooms feel significantly warmer or cooler, the issue could be as simple as having vents in your rooms that are closed. Ensure that all rooms in the home have open vents before reaching out to a professional about having your unit inspected.

Allowing the air to circulate and flow freely can do wonders in helping your home reach the temperature that you’ve set.

What are Some Common Heat Pump Problems?

Lack of Power

The risk of having a heat pump is that they’re fully electric, which can cause issues in the event that your home’s power supply goes out. If your heat pump isn’t turning on but you haven’t recently suffered a power outage, ensure that the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped.

A lack of power to your heat pump for too long can cause the evaporator coil to freeze and not work when the AC turns back on. If the system hasn’t had power for over half an hour, get in touch with a professional to learn about the best way to turn the system back on to ensure you don’t experience any issues.

Unreliable Thermostat

Sometimes, a heat pump that doesn’t reach the set temperature can be the fault of your thermostat, rather than the heat pump itself. If you’ve had your heat pump inspected and everything appears to be normal, have your thermostat checked. The unit could be calibrated incorrectly and not communicating with the heat pump.

Reversing Valve is Broken

The reversing valve within your heat pump is the part that allows the unit to be used for both heating and cooling. When this valve is broken, it can cause inefficient heating and cooling and should be fixed immediately.

A-1 Mechanical Solves Heat Pump Issues

Heat pumps are complex systems that can often be confusing. When your heat pump experiences any issues that cause it to not work as efficiently as it once did, you should get in touch with an HVAC professional. Doing so will ensure that the issue is fixed properly to give your family enhanced comfort and safety all year long.

The experts at A-1 Mechanical know that you can’t afford to be without proper heating and cooling during the coldest and hottest of days. If your heat pump isn’t working properly and experiences any of the issues above, or any not on that list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact A-1 Mechanical for Heat Pump Services

For all of your HVAC system service needs in the Lansing or the Grand Rapids, MI area, get in contact with the experts at A-1 Mechanical, and schedule an appointment today. We’ll provide your heat pump with the service and attention to detail that you deserve.

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