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Maintenance for Gas Furnace Burners

How a Gas Furnace Builder Works

Gas Furnace Burners

An important component of gas furnaces is the burner – your furnace may have one, or multiple. The burner is the component where gas mixes with air then is burned to create heat. Gas furnace burners need to be cleaned as part of regular furnace maintenance, but we don’t recommend for homeowners to do this themselves. Instead, rely on an experienced HVAC technician who knows what they’re doing to safely clean the burner.

The Problem with Plugged Furnace Burners

Over time, it is possible for the burners in your furnace to become plugged. When they do, heat output is reduced, and your furnace struggles to keep your home warm. Your furnace may also experience difficulty starting up when it’s time to run a heating cycle.

Dirt from the air and rust that develops on metal components build up within a gas furnace’s burners. This buildup blocks the gas piping that delivers fuel to the burners. Clogs in the burners are common at the beginning of heating season or any other long period of no use, such as when you move into a home that has not been occupied in quite some time.

Because this buildup impacts the furnace’s heating performance, it is important to have your burners cleaned annually. Clean burners offer better heating performance and efficiency for a more comfortable home.

When to Clean Gas Furnace Burners

There are several steps an HVAC technician will take when cleaning gas furnace burners to eliminate clogs and buildup.

Safety is always the first priority when cleaning gas furnace burners. Our HVAC technicians will shut off electrical power to your furnace at the home’s main electrical panel and find the gas supply line that runs into your furnace and close the valve.

They’ll then remove the metal panel on the furnace’s exterior to access combustion equipment and set it aside. A technician will carefully remove the burners from the furnace and use a vacuum attachment with a soft-bristled brush to clean off debris from the surface of the burners.

The technician will use compressed air to blow out any debris that is stuck inside the burners before turning them upside down and tapping their sides to dislodge unreachable debris within. We’ll replace the clean burners back onto their assemblies and clip into place.

The final step is taking a clean, damp rag and wiping down the interior of the burner compartment.

Rely on a Certified Technician for Burner Cleaning

If you notice poor performance from your furnace throughout the heating season, it’s wise to have an experienced HVAC technician check the burners to see if the issue is caused by a clog in this component.

It is always wise to contact your HVAC company to complete a job such as this. Your technician investigates the burners and safely cleans them to eliminate clogs causing poor performance.

Call A-1 Mechanical for Furnace Help Today

Whether you suspect dirty burners or another issue, don’t suffer a day longer with poor heating performance. Call A-1 Mechanical today for expert furnace maintenance and repair.

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