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What Are the Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier?

Whole Home Humidifier

Dry air can cause many health and comfort issues among Grand Rapids area residents during the winter. Because the air is naturally dry during the holiday season, homeowners struggle to keep relative humidity levels inside the home balanced. A whole house humidifier helps you manage indoor humidity and avoid the negative consequences of prolonged dry air exposure. Contact the indoor air quality experts at A-1 Mechanical today for installation of a whole house humidifier.

How Do Whole House Humidifiers Work?

A whole home humidifier is different from portable units many have in their homes. Instead of treating just a small area, a whole house humidifier is capable of treating dry air across the entire home. It works with your heating and cooling system to add moisture to the air as it cycles through your ductwork and heating system. Properly humidified and heated air is then delivered back to your living areas.

In addition to humidification for the entire home, a whole house humidifier is energy efficient and easy to care for. You don’t have to continuously refill the reservoir like you do with portable units, as the humidifier has a dedicated plumbing supply line to provide water. There’s no need to sanitize and clean it several times throughout the season, either. Simple maintenance and a new water panel in the fall is typically all that’s needed!

The Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Humidifier

Using a whole house humidifier benefits your family in many ways. With your humidifier running this winter during lower temperatures, you can keep your household healthier and more comfortable!

Prevent Viral Transmission & Illnesses

Did you know that viruses linger longer in low humidity? When the air in your home doesn’t have enough humidity, these particles remain in the air where they are able to circulate throughout the house and potentially spread among family members. Properly humidified air causes these particles to fall out of suspension, which helps prevent transmission. Use a whole house humidifier to keep the level of humidity in the 25 to 45 percent range this winter.

Another reason to keep indoor air properly moisturized during the winter is to keep nasal passages damp. When the tissue inside your nostrils dries out due to dry air exposure, you are more likely to catch a cold or other virus. When moist, this membrane provides a natural barrier against viruses and bacteria.

Avoid Dry Air Irritations

In addition to dry nasal passages, exposure to dry air and low humidity levels hurt the body in other ways, such as:

  • Chapped or cracked lips
  • Dry skin
  • Dry throats
  • Sore throats
  • Bloody noses
  • Increased allergy symptoms

When there is enough humidity in the air, your body is exposed to the moisture it needs to prevent such issues.

Maintain Warmth

Relative humidity levels don’t just impact moisture levels, they also affect how warm your home feels. When the air is dry, you feel colder because your skin’s moisture evaporates at a faster rate. When air is humidified, evaporation occurs more slowly – moisture stays on the skin, helping your body hold in its warmth. Thus, you feel warmer.

Homeowners who use whole house humidifiers often find they’re able to turn their thermostats down a couple of degrees and still stay comfortable. By reducing heating system use, a whole house humidifier is able to help your household conserve energy and save money throughout the winter.

Contact A-1 Mechanical to Learn More about Installing a Whole House Humidifier

Are you ready to have a whole home humidifier installed in your Lansing or Grand Rapids area residence? The professionals at A-1 Mechanical are here to help you keep your home properly humidified this winter and protect your family’s health. Contact us today to request an estimate for installing a whole house humidifier.

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