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What Should I Set My Humidistat to in Winter?


The winter air in the Grand Rapids area is naturally drier due to lower outdoor temperatures. Because air isn’t able to hold as much moisture at lower temperatures than when it’s warm, this season is notorious for dry winter air issues in the home.

If you use a humidifier to combat dry air indoors, you may be wondering: “What should I set my humidistat to during the winter months?” A-1 Mechanical shares professional advice for home indoor humidity management this winter, including ideal humidistat settings.

What Is a Humidistat?

First, let’s explain what a humidistat is. A humidistat is a control used for humidity monitoring and to adjust the output of home humidifiers. This device is also sometimes called a hygrometer, which is technically a device that only monitors indoor humidity levels and doesn’t control an appliance.

Think of a humidistat as a thermostat for your whole home humidifier. It shows you a current humidity reading like a thermostat shows the temperature. It also allows you to adjust the use of the humidifier, just as the thermostat allows you to control the use of your heating and air conditioning system.

What Should I Set My Humidistat to in Winter?

You might have heard that the ideal relative humidity for a home is between 30 to 50 percent – and this is generally correct in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. This time of year, keeping relative humidity all the way up to 50 percent can lead to moisture problems indoors, causing condensation on window panes, window framing, and other surfaces.

In the winter when the air is quite cold, keeping your indoor relative humidity level below 30 percent may be more appropriate. Ideal indoor humidity levels really depend on the outdoor air temperature.

  • If the temperature outdoors is around -10 degrees, set your humidistat at 20 percent.
  • When the outdoor temperature is near 0 degrees, use a humidistat setting of 25 percent.
  • For outdoor temperatures around 10 degrees, set the humidistat to 30 percent.
  • At an outdoor temperature around 20 degrees, a 35 percent humidistat setting is appropriate.
  • For an outdoor temperature near 30 degrees, set your humidistat at 40 percent.

If you are unable to track the outdoor temperatures day after day, you can find the ideal humidity settings for your home by observing conditions and adjusting the humidistat appropriately. Start with a relative humidity set between the typical 30 to 50 percent. If you notice condensation forming on walls, windows, or other surfaces in the home, adjust your humidistat settings downward to lower the indoor relative humidity level. Lower the relative humidity settings as needed to achieve the ideal indoor humidity conditions for your home and the current outdoor temperature.

Contact A-1 Mechanical for Installation of a Whole House Humidifier

With professional advice from A-1 Mechanical, we hope you’ll be able to easily manage indoor relative humidity levels all through the season! If your home suffers from low humidity in the winter, a whole home humidifier is an excellent solution that will allow you to effortlessly add moisture to your home’s air and achieve a more comfortable indoor environment throughout the winter months. For whole home humidifier installation in Grand Rapids, MI, call A-1 Mechanical today!

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