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What’s the Best Thermostat Setting for Winter?


During the cold winter months, many of us wonder if the home is too cool or overly warm, especially if focused on saving money on heating. When you find yourself wondering what’s the best thermostat setting for the winter, understand the ideal settings and know when to break the rules. This information is essential to maximize your home comfort and energy savings.

What Temperature to Set My Thermostat in Winter?

During the winter, the recommended room temperature is 68°F when you are awake and at home. While this setting seems low at first, your body acclimates to this lower temperature over time, and it does feel comfortable.

Many people choose to program their Grand Rapids thermostats for the ideal temperature of 68°F when they are home during the day, and then move the settings up on the weekends when they will be relaxing. Others choose to find more warmth elsewhere, such as an extra sweater when doing chores around the house or a thicker bedspread for the winter months.

Best Times to Set Back the Thermostat

A properly set thermostat certainly helps reduce your home heating expenses. When you move those settings down even lower, savings dramatically increase. The Department of Energy reports that you save up to 10% a year on energy when you set your thermostat down no more than 8°F for eight hours a day. Here are a few great times you can save with an energy-efficient temperature setting for winter:


Consider lowering your thermostat at night. In addition to a reduction in heating costs, set your thermostat as low as 60°F for ideal sleep, as it helps you to get some much needed rest. If you find this setback to be a little chilly, add an extra blanket to your bed or use a thicker comforter and see if you are comfortable this way before you increase the temperature.


When you exercise, you become warmer naturally, which means you are able to turn down the heat. If you have a long day of chores planned, turn down your thermostat setting for winter savings and keep your body comfortable while you labor through the day.


While it’s not wise to turn your heat completely off during much of the winter season, lowering the interior temperature to 55°F while you are away will save energy for this period. Use your programmable thermostat’s hold or vacation feature to temporarily override temperature schedules to use the best thermostat setting for winter vacations. Always program low settings on second homes or vacation properties.

How To Keep Cold Air Out

Prevent low indoor temperatures when you take measures to keep the cold air out of your home. Seal any cracks or holes around the exterior of your home, including spots around cables and air vents. Apply weather stripping on doors, and check windows for leaks. Keep doors closed as much as possible and encourage family members and guests to either visit in the entryway with the door closed or on the porch with the door closed.

Let A-1 Mechanical Answer Your Thermostat Setting Questions

Setting your thermostat for winter does not have to be tricky – we are here to help. At A-1 Mechanical, we want you to know that we are always here to assist you, whether you need a new thermostat or an entirely new furnace. Contact us today to learn more about thermostat upgrades for your home.

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