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How Maintenance Prevents AC Repair Needs


This spring, make sure you schedule air conditioner maintenance before the temps get high enough that you’ll need to run your AC. How important is maintenance for your AC system, you ask? Well, it can save you from all kinds of bother, trouble, and expense. 

Want your air conditioner to run more efficiently? Get maintenance. Want to make sure it will be as effective as possible in heat waves? Get maintenance. Want to keep the system running for as many years as possible before you have to replace it? You guessed it… maintenance. And perhaps you’d like to eliminate the need for air conditioner repair. Well, maintenance cuts AC repair needs by 85%. Let us explain how it works.

The Process of Air Conditioner Maintenance

While there are some slight differences if you have a ductless system or a heat pump, most aspects of the maintenance process are the same with either of these or a traditional central air conditioner. Your technician will go through a lengthy checklist of detailed steps, but they basically boil down to four main tasks.

  • Cleaning: Your air conditioner has accumulated some mess over the past year! Dust, dirt, and grime need to be removed. The condensate pan and drain must be washed of any residue, scum, or bacterial or mildew growth. In addition to being great for your air conditioner, this is also great for your indoor air quality.
  • Lubricating: Moving parts create friction. When those parts are dry, they create more friction and thus more heat and more wear and tear. Moving parts of your air conditioner, such as those within the motor and fan, must be thoroughly lubricated every year.
  • Inspecting: Every component must be carefully checked over. Damaged coils, refrigerant leaks, misaligned parts, loose screws, worn belts, or anything else that’s wrong will be uncovered during this process.
  • Testing: Electrical parts of the system must be tested. In order to function properly, your air conditioner can’t have any loose wires. The motor must be drawing the correct amount of power. And the thermostat must be accurately calibrated. Your technician will make sure your air conditioner doesn’t have any electrical issues.

How Maintenance Prevents Repair Needs

That cleaning and lubrication will reduce strain on the system overall and help ensure that you won’t end up with overheating components. The electrical testing will prevent shorts in wires and overloaded circuit breakers as well as times when you might call for air conditioner repair in Lansing, MI when the real problem was simply a miscalibrated thermostat. And the inspection of each component will catch tiny issues before they worsen.

Imagine something small like a slightly loose screw, a wobbling off-kilter fan blade, or a belt that is stretched out or starting to tear. These things are so easy to correct during maintenance. But what if you keep running your air conditioner without maintenance? Any of these components could fall apart completely, and in the process, it’s likely that they’d also damage other parts of the air conditioner.

Don’t let that happen to your AC system! Keep it happy and ready to run all summer long by scheduling a maintenance appointment now.

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