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Prepare for Heat Pump Installation


Congratulations on choosing a heat pump for your next home cooling system. It’ll be equal to a top-notch air conditioner, while also providing super-efficient heating. But once you’ve decided on your heat pump and made an appointment to have it installed, you might still have some questions. 

Chances are, it’s been a decade or so since you’ve had to deal with AC installation, or perhaps you purchased your home with your current air conditioner in place and have never gone through this process. And perhaps you’ve never had a heat pump before. What should you know about heat pump installation? How long will it take? And what can you do to make sure it goes well? We’ve got the answers.

Heat Pump Installation Start to Finish

When you make your installation appointment, if there are additional concerns about modifications your home might need, it will be brought up then. This could be something like having repairs done on your ductwork if it is damaged, so you’ll really be able to enjoy the efficiency of your new heat pump without losing that precious heated and cooled air through duct leaks.

If there aren’t any additional steps required, your heat pump installation will all take place on a single day. When your installers arrive, they will take a look around to make sure they know exactly what they’re dealing with. Then they’ll explain their exact plan to you, so you know what to expect. It will be something like this.

The installers will prepare the areas where they’ll need to work, using drop cloths if necessary to protect your home. They’ll disconnect and remove the old AC or heat pump units, both indoor and outdoor. They’ll put the new units in place and connect them. They’ll get the system turned on and ensure it’s working perfectly. Then they’ll give you the owner’s manual and make sure you’re comfortable using the heat pump.

Get Ready for Your Heat Pump Installation

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you and your home are ready and prepared for this process. First, while the installation could be done in as little as four hours, it might take as much as eight, so make sure your schedule is clear for the day. Then do some tidying up, moving things out of the spaces the installers will pass through or work in. This could include trimming plants by the outdoor unit.

Your pets might be curious about all the excitement. It will keep them safe if they are kept away from busy feet and open doors, so secure them in a separate area. Finally, this appointment is the perfect opportunity to ask any final questions you have about your new heat pump. Jot them down in advance so you won’t forget to ask. 

We hope this helps you feel confident that you’re ready for your heat pump installation in Haslett, MI!

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