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These AC Noises Mean You Need Repair


Oh, dear. Did you hear that? Is your air conditioner making a strange noise? An odd sound coming from your air conditioner is often the first sign that you need air conditioning repair in Holt, MI. But how can you tell if the sound you’re hearing is a sign of a problem or a perfectly normal sound for the AC to make?

Your cooling system’s noises should be low, steady, and consistent. The compressor comes on with a deep hum. The fan makes a whirring sound. Anything other than that is a sign that something is wrong. The noise you’re hearing from your AC can tell you a bit about what sort of repairs it might need. Here are some of the most common problem sounds.


If your compressor begins a cooling cycle with a booming or banging sound instead of the usual deep hum, it’s got an issue referred to as hard starting. The start of the cooling cycle uses a lot of energy all at once, more than the AC unit uses during operation, so a capacitor is used to provide the extra kick. It’s likely that this is the component that needs repair or replacement.


There are two possible causes of a buzzing sound from your air conditioner. One is a vibration where air is coming through a narrow gap, such as a damaged seal. The other is an electrical problem. Because electrical issues are hazardous, it’s important that you schedule AC repair right away. 


There’s a high likelihood that this sound is made by a loose component. This means it’s probably going to be a quick and easy fix as long as you have it done right away. Tightening down a screw or a fan blade is a very minor repair. But if you keep running your AC without having it fixed, that component could come completely loose and cause damage to other parts of the unit.


If the belt that connects your blower fan motor to the fan itself has a problem, it can make a terrible screeching noise. It could be out of position, stretching loose, or starting to tear. Again, prompt repair can prevent this one component from causing damage to others.

Bubbling or Hissing

Losing refrigerant through a leaky spot on your AC coils is a serious problem. It will lead to poor performance, excess energy use, and strain on the precious compressor. As the refrigerant leaks out, it can cause a bubbling sound or a hiss. A qualified technician can repair the leak and refill the system with refrigerant.


Does a groaning sound mean that your air conditioner is complaining about its workload? No, a groaning sound is often the bearings in the blower fan motor. They get a lot of friction and they can grind down over time. This is less likely if they’re regularly lubricated during annual maintenance! Regardless, getting it repaired now means you might just need new bearings. Delaying the repair could lead to a totally burned-out motor that has to be replaced.

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