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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit Replacement

Air Conditioning

Since air conditioners are an investment in your home, it makes sense that you would want to do your research before spending all that money. A licensed cooling system technician will be able to help you pick the best air conditioner for your budget and home cooling needs.


When browsing new air conditioners, be sure to look at their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The government has recently required all air conditioners to have a SEER rating of 13 or higher. If an air conditioning unit has a rating anywhere between 14 and 22, then you can be sure it is energy efficient. If an air conditioning unit has a rating anywhere between 14 and 22, then you can be sure it is energy efficient.

High SEER ratings are reflective of high energy efficiencies. This means that for the same amount of energy, an energy efficient air conditioner puts out more cold air for the same cost as non-efficient models.


When shopping for a new air conditioning unit you will have to consider both the price of the unit and the cost of installation. While some homeowners try to save money by purchasing a new air conditioning unit on their own, we don’t’ recommend it. If you are unsure what size air conditioner to purchase for your home an experienced heating and cooling contractor can help you find the right size air conditioner within your price range.

You’re better off paying money for a licensed HVAC contractor to help you pick out an appropriate central air conditioning model than to be stuck with an expensive cooling appliance that doesn’t work properly.


The air conditioning unit size must be proportional to the size of the house; otherwise there will be complications with your residential heating and cooling system. For example, if you get a unit that’s too small for your house, it will not be big enough to provide cool air to your entire home. On the other hand, if you purchase a unit that’s too big for your house, you will end up reducing your energy efficiency and paying higher energy bills for all the electricity your oversized unit uses. This is because units that are too big for their respective houses frequently turn on and off.

Before taking a recommendation from a HVAC professional, make sure that they first do a load calculation to determine the best size air conditioner for your home. A load calculation for air conditioners takes into account the square footage of your home, along with other factors such as insulation.

If you are interested in our air conditioner unit replacement service, please feel free to call one of our Lansing cooling system technicians at (517) 272-8629. A-1 Mechanical is dedicated to helping homeowners enjoy comfortable homes year-round.

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