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Benefits of Home Automation Systems

Home Improvement

Have you ever wanted to more closely monitor and control your home’s temperature? Most of us have felt that way when our homes are at an uncomfortable temperature. In order to find out if a home automation system or smart home gadget is the right choice for your residential heating and cooling system, we recommend you contact a licensed HVAC technician in your area.


With the home automation system, you are able to monitor and change the temperature settings via the touch screen thermostat or a smartphone app. The mobile app for your newly-installed home automation system can help you remotely control temperatures from anywhere.

This user-friendly feature is perfect for people who have to travel a lot for their jobs or who like to go on long vacations. For example, for extended trips during the winter, you can decrease the temperature of the house while you’re away to save money. Remember that the minimum temperature to keep pipes from freezing is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


During the spring and fall months, the temperature can vary dramatically during the course of a day. For example, it isn’t uncommon during the spring months for it to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning and 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon. For this reason, it may be necessary to run the furnace during the early morning hours, but not in the afternoon. With a residential home automation system, you are able to customize heating and cooling settings to compensate for the seasonal temperature fluctuations outside.


If you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home, a quality home automation system is a great start. By tracking how your heating and cooling appliances are used during the week, you can determine how to better make use of energy dollars. Home automation systems help you take manageable steps toward energy efficiency.


Whenever you increase the energy efficiency of your home, you are also saving money on your energy bills. While a few bucks a month may not seem like a big deal, over the years this can add up to significant savings. Most of the customers we work with enjoy having a little extra pocket money each month to spend on other things besides heating and cooling their homes. Plus, you have the satisfaction of making smart energy-saving choices for your home’s heating and cooling system.


If you already have a safety or security system installed in your home, you can connect it to your new home automation system. Through the home automation system app, you are able to watch live feed from your home’s connected security cameras. This integrated safety feature can help you feel more secure if you have to travel for long periods of time. If you have to work full time, it can also help you make sure your older children arrive safely from school.

For home automation system installation, you should contact an experienced Lansing heating and cooling contractor. Once the system is installed, they can help you get acquainted with your new technology.

If you are interested in our home automation system installation service, please feel free to call one of our licensed Lansing HVAC technicians at (517) 272-8629. A-1 Mechanical is dedicated to helping customers maintain comfortable homes with the latest heating and cooling technology.

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