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Air Conditioning Tips for the Cooling Season

Air Conditioning

With summer rapidly approaching, many homeowners are getting ready to run their air conditioner units full time. However, before making that switch, be sure to check out our tips for how to make your home more energy efficient and save money on energy bills. It’s always good practice to schedule preventative air conditioner maintenance before the hottest months of the year. That way, you won’t be stuck sweating in July while your neighbors enjoy air conditioned comfort.

Hiring a licensed heating and cooling technician to inspect your air conditioning unit can help save you money in the long run.


Air conditioner filters are responsible for catching any dust and other airborne allergens from entering your home. While this is great for improving the air quality in your home, it’s also important to check your air filters once a month. When a filter is clogged, it blocks the flow of air. This causes your air conditioning unit to work harder in order to compensate for less air passage.

Checking the filters monthly is a simple way to ensure your energy efficient air conditioning unit keeps running efficiently. If you notice a lot of dust and other debris in your filter, be sure to change it. Changing an air conditioning unit filter is simple enough that you can do it on your own without calling an air conditioning repair technician.


Over time, dirt, dust, leaves, and other outdoor debris can collect on your outdoor air conditioning unit to block the transfer of cool and warm air. When the air conditioner isn’t able to run at full capacity, it is forced to work harder to put out the same level of cool air. This decreases your home’s energy efficiency.

To save money on your next energy bill, make sure that you check your outdoor unit to make sure there are no obstructions. This is a good thing to check for during the autumn months when the leaves start to fall. You should also check once the snow melts in the spring.


Sun streaming through your windows brings natural light to your home. However, these sun rays also carry heat, which can quickly increase the temperature in your home. To combat this problem, be sure to close your blinds when the sun reaches its peak.

We also advise that you run fans to help circulate the air in your home and create a wind chill effect. If your home has a second story, you may want to strategically place extra fans to account for the fact that heat rises. Well-placed fans for cooling are usually enough to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the cooling season.


If you’ve lived in Michigan for long enough, you know that the spring and fall months are known for their cool weather patterns. Take advantage of these cool mornings and evenings by opening up the windows to let in fresh air.

Not only does fresh air have a lot of health benefits, but it will also help decrease the burden on your air conditioning unit. Whenever you can let Mother Nature cool your home, you should take advantage. Especially since these opportunities will fade by the time summer comes around.


With any heating or cooling appliance, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance so that it will last for as long as possible. Air conditioner replacement can be a financial burden on families, which is why it is important to keep it running effectively and efficiently by scheduling air conditioning maintenance checks so that any minor issues can be fixed before they grow into larger, more expensive, HVAC repairs.

If you are interested in scheduling an air conditioning repair or maintenance visit, please feel free to call our licensed Lansing HVAC technicians at (517) 272-8629. A-1 Mechanical is dedicated to helping Lansing homeowners keep their homes comfortable year-round through quality air conditioning unit services.

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