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Is My Air Conditioning Unit Oversized?

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are designed to both cool and dehumidify your home. However, oversized air conditioners aren’t able to run long enough to remove the humidity from your home. Below, you will find the top signs your air conditioner is too big for your home. For more information, we recommend you call a reputable heating and cooling contractor in your area.


Your home feels humid, but lowering your thermostat has no effect. In order to best cool your home, you need an air conditioner that will be able to run long enough to have an effect on the humidity. An overpowered air conditioning unit will be able to cool your home in a short amount of time. However, they don’t run long enough to get rid of the mugginess.

Just because an air conditioning unit is bigger, doesn’t mean that it’s better. An effective A/C will run for a period of time long enough to effectively cool and dehumidify the air. An ineffective A/C will turn on long enough to satisfy the temperature setting on your thermostat, but not long enough to give you relief from the indoor humidity.


Air conditioners come in different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of homes and commercial buildings. However, when an air conditioner is too big for its respective building, it lowers the temperature too quickly. While instant coolness may not sound like a bad thing, keep in mind that this also results in shorter cooling cycles and fluctuating indoor temperatures.

Having a comfortable home relies on being able to maintain a steady indoor temperature. To resolve the issues associated with your oversized air conditioning unit, we recommend you contact an experienced cooling systems company in your area.


Whenever your air conditioner turns on and off, it consumes energy. This means until you resolve the issue of having an oversized air conditioner, you will be paying too much for your energy bills each month. High energy bills are just another sign that your inefficient air conditioner could be too big for your home or commercial building.

To fully understand the inefficiency of oversized air conditioners, compare how your A/C is run to how you drive your car. Have you ever noticed that you get more miles per gallon when you drive on the freeway? This is because driving at a constant speed uses less energy than when you have to constantly stop and go.

The same principle applies to your air conditioner unit. Energy efficient air conditioners will run for long uninterrupted periods of time to effectively cool and dehumidify your home. To increase the energy efficiency of your home, we recommend hiring a qualified HVAC technician to do load calculations. Load calculations ensure that you install the right size A/C for your home.

If you want to learn more about our oversized air conditioner services, please feel free to give our Lansing cooling system technicians a call at (517) 272-8629. The Lansing heating and cooling technicians at A-1 Mechanical are dedicated to helping homeowners keep their homes comfortable year-round.

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